Hi, I’m Prabhjot Singh

a Growth Hacker who uses the first principle model for problem-solving, automate time-consuming tasks, and leverage technology for a meaningful contribution.

The Journey So Far…

Born in Punjab, I was the kid with a curious mind, who most of the time, ended up breaking things to understand how they work only to put it back in a way that made more sense to me. Even before the existence of YouTube, remote-controlled rocket launcher and a small lift were few of my junkyard inventions. I even had a mini house, entirely constructed by myself. During one of my experiments (technically, the last experiment of my childhood), I ended up blasting a battery and central command (aka my parents) seized the entire operation. Later that year, I discovered the Internet, or rather, the Internet discovered me.

In 2009, I started pursuing a degree in Computer Science. It didn’t take me long before I realized that engineering classes alone can’t quench my thirst and I ended up starting my own side projects. The first three years of college, had me thinking in loops and speaking geek. Photoshop added strokes to my imagination and I ended up developing websites. At that time, Cybersecurity was one of the emerging technology and “Hacking” was the word which caught my attention. It made me curious about finding loopholes and creating more secure & robust websites. I, Innocently pronounce myself guilty of hacking into my own college’s website along with thousand other websites like KFC, BMW & Panjab University Chandigarh, why? Because It was possible. (People have a big smile when they see my final year grades.) But this whole experience made me realize the tactical advantage of having data at one’s disposal and opened up a whole new world of Digital Marketing for me. At this stage, I was constantly oscillating between what is ethical and what is not. With my bag full of programming and hacking skills, I decided my shift my focus to Digital Marketing completely.

In 2013, I joined a company where I even had to create a department with one colleague. I worked for various industries working on things like online reputation management, inbound marketing, advertisement, lead generation, and website creation. To make a quantitative leap I dug into Automation.

My theory is, “Any task that is repetitive and takes more than 5 minutes of your life can be and should be automated.” By the end of two years, I had a team of 40+ members and we were handling 110+ clients globally.

I believe that side projects are much more than simply a hobby. They are the indicators of your hidden potential and overall capabilities.

Following this philosophy, I handled the promotion of a movie called “Chauthi Koot” which won five international awards. I started a coupon website, which sadly, didn’t go as planned. I then went on to start a YouTube channel. Even with just 5 videos, it hit around half a million views. Then, I went ahead and started a video-based website which is my playground for testing new features and automation technologies.

Skipping forward to 2015, I moved to a new organization, a learning & development company. I realized that growth takes its own sweet time especially if you have a futuristic product and constantly challenging the status quo.

In the initial seven months, I redesigned the company website from scratch, setting industry standards; later, the same practice was followed by our competitors. Over time, I moved the entire organization’s data to the cloud, optimized internal processes and automated many time-consuming tasks.

In a span of four years, with four new offices, I ended up designing scalable solutions and developing platforms for internal usage. L&D is an interesting space that has led me to blend technology with physical activities. Later, working in a new department specifically created for digital activities, I began designing new activities as well.

Throughout the journey of my life, I realized the importance of wellness – physical, mental, and financial. I started listening to my body; worked out and lost more than 32 kgs of weight without ever hitting the gym or following any traditional diet plans. I also explored the field of meditation, psychedelics, and psychology. While learning the art of wealth management, I came across this groundbreaking technology called Blockchain and became a “hodler”. Perhaps most importantly, I started working remotely which aligned with my passion for travel, as well as reinforced my desire for personal wellbeing.

In 2019, when things were about to settle, I decided to move to Canada. It’s not easy to get out of your comfort zone, especially when you are living a dream life. But I am a big believer in – “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life” – Jerzy Gregorek. I consider myself lucky because not everyone gets a second chance.

In my free time, you can find me geeking about new tech, reading books, spending time out with nature, or researching my latest obsession (which constantly changes as the world continues to change).

I love meeting like-minded people. So, if you feel like you are one of them or have an interesting idea/project, send me “hello” at [email protected]