Facebook’s Libra Coin Hype, Custom BCH Address, and Sending Crypto Through Telegram

findbitcoin.cash let you create and play Bitcoin Cash treasure hunt in three simple steps. First, print out a paper wallet. Second, top-up with it some BCH. Third, hide it somewhere in the world and share the location hints on the website. – findbitcoin.cash Bitcoin.com launched Bitcoin Cash Register app for merchants(PoS) on both Android and […]

What is Blockchain, Sending BCH Through SMS, WhatsApp & Telegram, and Facebook’s Globalcoin

What is Blockchain? – the technology behind cryptocurrencies. For example – Bitcoin. In this video, Nate Martin explains what is blockchain and how it works. Ideal for anyone who wants to understand how crypto works. bitcoinfees.cash lets you track median transaction fee for both BTC and BCH. Step by step guide of proving the ownership […]

Netflix of the Gaming Industry, Apple Subscription Services, and LinkedIn Reactions

Google launched “Stadia” – Netflix of the Gaming industry. Using Stadia, users will be able to play games in high-resolution even on a basic Chromebook or on any computer capable of running Chrome browser, making Gaming PC and Consoles redundant. Apple is getting into the “Subscription” business by launching – Apple News($10/month for accessing all […]