Netflix of the Gaming Industry, Apple Subscription Services, and LinkedIn Reactions

Google launched “Stadia” – Netflix of the Gaming industry. Using Stadia, users will be able to play games in high-resolution even on a basic Chromebook or on any computer capable of running Chrome browser, making Gaming PC and Consoles redundant. Apple is getting into the “Subscription” business by launching – Apple News($10/month for accessing all […]

Focals ByNorth, Wells Fargo’s Outage, and Samsung S10 Event

Tesla launched ‘Sentry’ modes for Dog owners. Sentry mode ensures the air conditioning running even after the driver the exits – Newser “Bitcoin will not survive”, “Bitcoin is going nowhere”, “Bitcoin is a fraud.” – Those all are the quotes from Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan. Now, he announced J.P. Morgan’s own blockchain-based currency, […]