CES 2019, End of Dragonfly and Era of Foldable Smart Phones & Rollable TVs

  • Nowadays, There is so much noise and drama around us. Here are the 23 facts and charts that show the world is getting much, much better – Vox
  • After so much controversy and drama, Google is shutting down a project called “Dragonfly”, a censored search engine for China – SEL
  • Facebook has filed a patent which can predict your future location based on your location history. Of course, Facebook will use that data to serve Ads – wersm
  • LG launched a 65-inch “rollable” TV with a whopping price tag of $8000 – YouTube
  • While Intel is busy in launching its new generation of processors(i9), laptop manufacturer Alienware is stepping up its game by launching “Alienware-Area 51m” – A 17-inch laptop, who has all the features of a desktop. – YouTube
  • Google Assistant’s “interpreter mode” live translate 27 languages – YouTube
  • The market is exploding with the foldable smartphones but should you buy one? – YouTube
  • List of all the cool gadgets which got launched at CES-2019 – YouTube
  • Samsung is integrating cryptocurrency wallet in its flagship “S10” series – CCN
  • “If you can’t beat them buy them” – Facebook’s strategy. Behind the scene, why Facebook bought WhatsApp – Buzz Feed
  • Australia wants to snoop on its citizens, asking tech giants to hand over encryption keys – CNN
Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh

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