Say Goodbye to Google plus and Hello to Pixel Family and Netflix Addicts

  • Google launched two new Pixel Phones – Pixel 3 and XL, Pixel Slate and Smart Hub. Watch the entire event in 11 minutes – YouTube
  • Introverts are going to love “Call Screen” feature of Pixel 3. Call screen feature transcribes the caller in real-time, giving the user the ability to –
    either report as spam, select a suggested response to find out more, answer the call, or hang up – YouTube
  • Want to start your own startup or side-project? Before jumping on startup bandwagon, check how much will it cost to make your side hustle a unicorn. – Startup Costs
  • Google is shutting down Google+ following a major security breach.
    5,00,000+ accounts were compromised. – QZ
  • Facebook is getting into bedrooms with its latest device called “Portal”. But the real question is – do you trust Facebook? – Forbes
  • Beijing Sci-Tech Report magazine will start accepting payment in Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs supporting Bitcoin Cash are growing in Europe.
  • First, they pay Netflix for binge-watching its shows and then pay to doctor for its cure. “Netflix Addict” – Addicts of the digital era – QZ
  • In order to tackle bullying, Instagram adds the ability to filter comments from the feed, personal profile, and live videos – wersm
  • “Pixel Buds” – Google assistant powered earphones can live translate 40+ languages. List of languages – Google
  • Instagram tried to replace “Scroll” with a “Tap”. Users backlashed and Instagram rolled it back on track with scroll – Twitter
  • Windows10 added a new in-built Emoji keyboard. Access it by pressing – (Windows Logo Key) + period (.)
  • Netflix represents 15% of all internet traffic. P.S. Youtube is at the second spot with 11.4% – Statista
  • Soundcloud is allowing direct sharing to Instagram sharing from its app – Now you can directly share a track from Soundtrack on Instagram – wersm

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh

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