Source: Wait But Why

Values are the fundamental beliefs of a person. Who you are and what you will become depends on the values and fundamental beliefs you behold. Based on your actions and interaction with society, different people perceive differently, but only the person himself knows what his core is like.

Family First –

A family is not limited to parents, siblings and cousins, it stretches to people you spend time with on day to day basis. What makes a life worth living? According to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, If you think it’s money or fame, then you’re mistaken. Social Connection is what makes this whole experience beautiful. And I do feel the same way. To live life to the fullest, it’s important having a deep emotional bond with family, friends, and co-workers. Instead of focusing on having a large social circle, I prefer focusing on a few friends, with whom I can connect on a deeper level.

Authenticity –

Walk the talk. Picture a button, if pressed, would make 1000 strange people across the planet drop dead and you will get a billion-dollar. No one would ever know that you pressed the button if you do. Would you do it? Whichever option do you select it’s vital to walk the talk. Being authentic means aligning your actions with your thoughts.

Growth Mindset –

A growth mindset means an eagerness to learn and a willingness to be wrong. A person may live by a code of values and morals that remain constant, but when it comes to opinions and people, one should always be open to listening and trying new things. Life is not a multiple-choice quiz and answer to life’s most important questions are not A, B, C, or D. It’s all about perspective. It is okay to fail as long as you are learning from your mistakes. Like Elon Musk says – If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.

Health –

Life is an experience. Depending on one’s health, that experience can vary. If an unfit person goes for a difficult trek, he will only be going to complain, but for a healthy person, it can be a memorable experience. Fit people with a physique is much more than how good they look. A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects that you worked hard for it. No money can buy it. It shows that the person has patience, dedication, self-respect, self-control and passion.