the magic of marketing,
the science of sales

Struggle to convey your awesomeness to the world?

Let me take care of your online assets so that you can focus on doing what you love.


I do this by creating, scaling, and optimizing business processes.


Building an online presence from ground up to full scale marketing solution. Making your product, idea or services sellable.


Automation of time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on things that matter & coming up with scalable solutions.


Optimizing existing processes with state of the art technology for maximum efficiency at minimal expense.


Website Development

Just having a website is not enough anymore. A good website converts visitors into customers. I build and optimize CMS-powered websites using WordPress or Shopify.

Digital Marketing

Bridge the gap between how you & your customer perceive your brand through Inbound Marketing - Email Marketing, Lead Generation - Google Ads, Facebook Ads and SEO.

Process Optimization

Resource & cost optimization through Marketing Automations, CRM Integration - HubSpot, and integrating Collaboration & Productivity Apps like G-Suite.


few clients that I have worked with

Success Stories

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” — W Edwards Deming

North America's Largest Telescopic Ladder Manufacturer

Multi-national L&D company having clients across the globe.

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Techie Tuesday

The primary purpose of technology is to make our life easier. While I love keeping myself up to date with the latest technology, not everyone has the time to go through hundreds of articles. To solve this challenge, I have started Techie Tuesday series, where I collate news from various sources and crunch them into ~5 minutes visual digestive read.

Personal Experiences

Crypto Digest Series

Blockchain Technology/Cryptocurrencies are still in its early stage. There is a lot of noise/hype on social media and in the mainstream media about crypto. In that noise, we often miss signals about relevant development in the blockchain industry. To solve this challenge, I have started a series called Crypto Digest, where, I collate news from various sources about the development in blockchain space and crunch them into ~5 minutes digestive read.


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