Digital Marketer. Growth Hacker.

Hi, I'm Prabhjot. I help businesses attract customers & bring them to their virtual door.


I do this by Creating, Scaling and Optimization business processes.


Building an online presence to full scale marketing solution. Making product, idea or services sellable.


Automation of time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on things that matter & coming up with scalable solutions.


Optimizing existing processes with state of the art technology for maximum efficiency at minimal expense.



Just having a website is not enough anymore. A good website convert visitors into customers. I optimize and build CMS-powered websites using WordPress or Shopify.


Bridge perception gap between how you & your customer perceive your brand through Inbound Marketing - Email Marketing, Lead Generation - Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing and SEO.

Process Optimization

Reduce resource wastage & unnecessary costs through Marketing Automations, CRM Integration - HubSpot, and integrating Collaboration & Productivity Apps like G-Suite.


few clients that I have worked with

Success Stories

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” — W Edwards Deming

North America's Largest Telescopic Ladder Manufacturer

Multi-national L&D company having clients across the globe.


Techie Tuesday

The primary purpose of technology is to make our life easier. While I love keeping myself up to date with the latest technology, not everyone has the time to go through hundreds of articles. To solve this challenge, I have started Techie Tuesday series, where I collate news from various sources and crunch them into ~5 minutes visual digestive read.

Personal Experiences

Crypto Digest Series

Blockchain Technology/Cryptocurrencies are still in its early stage. There is a lot of noise/hype on social media and in the mainstream media about crypto. In that noise, we often miss signals about relevant development in the blockchain industry. To solve this challenge, I have started a series called Crypto Digest, where, I collate news from various sources about the development in blockchain space and crunch them into ~5 minutes digestive read.


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